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By the middle of the week, you should begin to see significant progress, and you should start to receive feedback that makes you feel proud. This week could also bring some confusion regarding a home-related or community-related project that you are involved in or affected by in some way. Happy highlights of this week may include work or money-related news that you have been waiting to hear.

A celebration may be in order for the weekend. This week you may find yourself reveling in an abundance of offers or invitations to learn more or make connections that could lead you to greater financial success, Taurus. But even though it may all sound really good and promising, do not underestimate the amount of intense work that will be required to bring about the rewards you are hoping for.

Preparation will also be a theme for a group effort you may be considering this week. Although someone else may come into this in a leadership role, you may wind up taking charge and leading others for the duration. By the end of the week, you may meet someone who offers some sort of service or assistance that you need. You may be coming out of a week where you spent a lot of time catering to and assisting other people, with very little time for yourself. In other words, Gemini, you have set a precedent for helping certain people - even a few who were just being lazy, or who needed your help because they were being irresponsible in certain areas of their lives - and now there are some who just expect that you will come through.

Sagittarius daily horoscope - 3 December 12222

Be firm. This week, a younger person may come to you with a sweet request that you will have the capacity to honor. Enjoy this moment because it could bring just as much joy to you as to this younger individual. By Thursday you may want to begin planning something fun for the weekend ahead. This could involve a surprise for a family member or a friend, or a special night out between you and a romantic partner.

Make it extra special, and make sure you plan on a bit of romance. As the week begins, Moonchild, you may be mulling over some deception that you discovered recently.

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This may not be a personal thing; instead, it might be about some goal or some purchase you have been working toward. Although this may cause some concern for you now, it will eventually work out in your favor, so be grateful that you discovered it, and let this message set your mind at ease. Other themes this week will be personal relationships - especially the romantic variety, a sibling bond, that of a close friend, or the discovery of a new interest or talent.

You may find yourself in a curious mood throughout this week, and this could lead you to some very interesting discoveries related to your personal history. All in all, a very smooth week is in store. You have done so much for a certain person in your life. You have been there when that person felt like a failure, and when they needed your assistance, a shoulder to cry on, or some kind of financial help.

You may not realize how much you are appreciated for your loyalty, reliability, and kindness, Leo, but you need to know that you are treasured.

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The bond you share with this person will grow closer and more enjoyable. This week is the beginning of a renewed and enhanced relationship. By Tuesday, you may discover a surprising windfall that comes to you in a sweet way. It may feel like payback for some of the good karma you have built up over the last year. Enjoy it. Also this week, a family drama could bring some concern at first, but once you work through it, you will find a lot of humor in it.

Always allow yourself to laugh because laughter tends to bring out the best in everyone. The weekend could bring an interesting social invitation. Think about saying yes.

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As the week begins, Virgo, you may find yourself dwelling on a response you recently received related to an application. There may be some confusion associated with it, and you may have been coming up with a wide variety of possibilities as you try to figure this out. This week you may renew a relationship with someone you fell out with some time ago. There may be an element of nostalgia connected to this person, so this could be someone from your long-ago past - perhaps as long ago in the past as a childhood friend.

This is a bond you should certainly nurture and spend as much time enjoying as possible. By Friday you may be thinking about hiding away and getting some work done, but other possibilities may come calling. You deserve some fun, so set aside the work for later. A recent reconciliation may be on your mind as the week begins. The way you got back together with someone from your recent past may seem like something of a coincidence and a mystery, but fate did bring you two together.

Sagittarius daily horoscope - 3 December

A serious family matter involving money or property may come up around mid-week, Libra. This may cause some conflict among the people you love. As the most gifted mediator in the family, others might turn to you for a solution, but you may not want to get involved. However, there may be no other option, and if you approach this objectively and without thinking about the personal aspects of how it affects you, you will lead everyone to a successful conclusion and settle this quite amicably.

An offer or invitation may come to you towards the end of the week that involves entertainment or the chance to travel someplace fun and interesting. It can be a weekend getaway or an hours-long road trip to someplace you have always wanted to visit. You may want to rest and recuperate on the weekend, but an impromptu social gathering may beckon. One of your friendships may become much richer and more meaningful in your life. This week, Scorpio, a revelation about this person may begin to explain some of the mysteries that have always existed around this person, and will clarify some of the occurrences you have tried to figure out.

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This is not something to worry about, but rather something that has the potential to bring you even closer and develop a more spiritual bond. This week, an investment opportunity or a partnership opportunity may be offered to you.

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This has the potential to be financially rewarding in time, but it may require a much larger commitment of time and energy than is revealed on the surface. If you are interested, make sure you take enough time to understand the process it requires fully. Towards the end of the week, you may find yourself gladly doing a good deed for someone you barely know.

This could lead to a special connection that you will treasure into the future.

Sagittarius Weekly Astrology Video March 26th - 1st of April 2013

On the weekend, look up friends or family members who always make you smile. However, that does not mean you will continue to be stuck. Your frustration level may be high, but if you focus on finding inner calm, you will be able to successfully deal with this and extricate yourself from the situation. You have more important things to deal with, and this may be dragging you down emotionally. Set yourself a time limit - say Wednesday - and declare your separation from this matter.

If you do, the next day a new sense of serenity will begin to take place, and you can start to think about a project you have been hoping to begin. You have no excuses to put this off any longer, and the stars say this week is a good time to start. You may even find the resources you need, and the assistance you have been hoping for will materialize before the week is out. Focus on the happy moments and avoid anyone who spoils your joy. A recent disappointment may be on your mind early in the week, Capricorn. Maybe you think that you should have known better, or you should have seen a way to change the course of things, but thinking like that is not productive in the least.

Dwelling on this any longer would be a waste of your valuable time. There are better things in store. In fact, by Wednesday, the chance to meet with someone who could open a door to you regarding business or enhanced financial security could come to you. Take this seriously. Toward the end of the week someone may make a proposition that sounds a little unusual, and you may shy away from it because of that. On Sunday, take some time to visit a friend or a family member who is feeling alone. A sense of betrayal you are still feeling because of an experience you had in recent weeks may be lingering as you enter this week, Aquarius.

Expecting the best of the people in your life is a noble way to live, and there is no reason to change. But getting over a disappointment by someone you trusted can be a challenge. This week, though, you may experience an equally uplifting experience from someone who is reliable and trustworthy, and perhaps just as noble and honest as you are.

This will show you that the world can be a good and fair place, and it will set the tone for a week of good fortune and emotional reward. Around Thursday, news from a work partner or a friend of a friend may give you a preview of a new development. This should give you an advantage when it begins to roll out.